Niagara Falls

On our way out to the New York Faerie Festival we made a quick trip up to Niagara Falls between Erie, PA and Binghamton, NY. I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want to take my kids for a longer trip in the car and then have them think the Falls were somehow lame. Once we got there though, we were ALL blown away by how amazing it was. 
Niagara Falls is a full on sensory experience. Wind blowing, sun shining, water thundering, mist on your skin. 

This is probably my all time favorite picture of my girls. It was very genuine sweetness and excitement. 

Since I was with my kids, I did stuff I’d never usually do.  I was pretty satisfied with, ‘Wow, look how cool it is, let’s go get a coffee’. They wanted to go down to the bottom of the Falls and put on the rain jackets and get a closer view! Well, uh, OK?  So we did. We took the elevator down what the operator said was 2 Sears buildings height and dug rain jackets out of the recycling bins (the only give them to the people who take the Maid of the Mist boat tours). Then we walked up the surprisingly rickety staircase you can see in the way back of the picture – see the silhouettes in front of the Falls?

This was the last picture I could take because it got REALLY wet from here. We climbed up the steps until you are literally a few feet away from the ROARING Falls. It is like being in a torrential downpour only the sun is shining all around you. Honestly it was pretty CRAZY and we LOVED it. We were at the top of the steps with two young MIddle Eastern guys who didn’t seem to have much English. I looked over at them and smiled and went “WHOO HOO!” and they smiled and “WHOO HOOed” back and we all laughed as the water pounded us. “Whoo hoo” seems to be an international language.

Walking back down the steps, there were rainbows everywhere. It was like the prize you get for making the effort – Rainbow Wonder World. 

When we got to Binghamton, NY 5 about hours later, I still had Niagara Falls water in my shoes. 

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