Grand Adventure: New York – Upstate and City

Here are a few pics of our Grand Adventure to the New York Faerie Festival and then on to visit friends in New York City.

This was taken in the garden of the lovely Victorian house we stayed at in Binghamton, NY. My girls are with the wonderful Mary Webster who owned the B&B and her cute dog Einstein.

Here I am performing in the very rural setting at the New York Faerie Festival. It was so lovely there. I liked performing outside even though it was pretty hot. NOT as hot as the Midwest though. We missed ALL of that – we were so lucky!

The very next day, here we are in the center of it ALL in Manhattan at Radio City Music Hall! YAY! We stayed with the family of my oldest daughter’s best friend whose family moved to NYC two years ago. It was so great to be with them.

We snuck into The Plaza because all the girls love the stories about Eloise who lives in The Plaza Hotel. Tourists that we were, someone kindly offered to take all of our picture together. I’m looking a bit wide, oh well….

Then we went to the gigantic, flagship FAO Schwartz. Here is a  picture with the “Toy Soldier” out front “guarding” the store.

Playing the “Piano” at FAO Schwartz.

Lego Pirate!

Then we walked through Central Park and ended up flying at the Columbus Circle fountain.

The next day I took all FIVE girls for a trek around town while all the other parents went to work. We took the train from Innwood at the very tippy top of Manhattan all the way down to Battery Park at the bottom to take the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. We survived this day on big soft pretzels. Kids don’t like to stop at cute little cafes and eat a yummy salad and perhaps a sandwich and have a delicious, delicate cappuccino…. Sigh…..

My younger daughter is a little afraid of the water and so her friend held her hand. Kids are so sweet!

THen we met some of my friends from college who now live in Brooklyn at the Chelsea Market in Chelsea, of course. We took a walk on the High Line. It was really cool with great views and gardens and all kinds of good stuff but SUPER HOT!

Then, somehow, the girls conned me into taking them to TIME SQUARE. (OK, I really just wanted them to have fun, so I said yes.) TIME SQUARE is always busy, but it is truly crazy during a holiday week. MEGA PACKED! The big girls were DYING to go to the Forever 21 Store in Time Square. It did not disappoint – four giant floors of Forever 21ness and wailing pop music. All the girls were singing along as they picked their way through the packed store and all the tiny cute clothes and jewelry and shoes and purses and….

Then we went to the M&M store because my younger daughter’s best buddy at home had told her all about its awesomeness. I spent over $40 buying all the girls fancy M&Ms because it seemed like a treat was in order and it was fun (once I got over the ridiculousness of it all.) I don’t know what exhausted me more, the heat, the crowds, the blaring music or spending a fortune on $5 worth of M&Ms but I was pretty ready to go home at this point.

And that was NYC – we all had a blast and the girls had a great introduction to the Big Apple. The next morning was the Fourth of July and we headed across the George Washington Bridge and on to Richmond, VA where we watched the fireworks over the capitol on TV and collapsed in a heap of sleepiness. It is all good!

xoxoxo APRIL

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