Make ‘Em Laugh

Winter seems over yet it is still chilly and Spring has not yet begun. March is beautiful, but I can get a wee bit lost in my head at the end of Winter -no matter how Magical ;-). 
Sometimes a little advice from someone you truly admire helps get the juices flowing again. I was thinking it was time to get myself moving a bit more, and then I saw this….
“It’s so wonderful… if your whole day is rotten, once they start the music, 
it seems to melt away.”
And when you get to watch this masterful dancer create it is so inspiring! Reading this quote made me think of this great scene. I love Donald O’Connor – he was such a brilliant performer and his commitment to bringing it ALL to the table is pretty obvious in this scene from “Singing in the Rain.” He is so funny, so focused and unbelievably light on his feet!!
I could watch this scene all day. When I first showed it to my kids, they actually did – they spent the whole afternoon watching it over and over again. And laughing every single time. It was pretty magical, I must say. 

OK, I’m inspired again. I’m going to go work on my flip off the wall trick right now. (Just kidding!)

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