For a Gloomy Day

Hi Everyone, I am writing new songs lately – so many ideas running through my head. Writing new songs sometimes makes me think of the ones I have written before. I thought I’d share the first one I ever wrote for APRIL EIGHT – “The Pixie Peddler” – with you again.

Much love to you on this gloomy January day. When it is dark outside, remember what Rumi said (he was a smart guy who lived a long time ago)Do not go in the direction of darkness -I tell you: suns exist.” Or, as the Carter Family sang (they were cool musicians that lived not so long ago) “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life”. Funny how the same ideas bloom again and again. Do you ever wonder why?

And as the Pixie Peddler would say, “Hay Ho Diddly Do, I’ve something special for you!”

xoxoxo April

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