Hey Everybody – I was on TV yesterday on WTIU’s “The Weekly Special” in Bloomington, Indiana. I’m a Hoosier ya know, so Indiana and particularly Bloomington are near and dear to my heart.

What a great experience! I had fun and the host, Joe Hren, and the crew were incredibly nice and ever so professional. Being on TV is a whole different sort of performance experience – Which camera do I look at? Am I loud enough? Where should I stand? Do I look at Joe or the camera? Stuff like that….

Here I am performing a few songs from my new CD “Songs for a Magical Winter” (which you can get your hot little hands on right here). I came to Bloomington to promote a wonderful cause – I’ll be performing at Krista Detor’s 6th Annual “Once Upon a Time – Benefit for Africa” at the Convention Center in Bloomington on December 15th. More on the Benefit soon, but for now, here I am on TV! You’ll see me on around minute 19 – I close the show. Everything before that is pretty interesting, so if you have 26 minutes, go for it!

xoxoxo APRIL

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