April Eight Birthday Party!

Sleepy birthday girl after the event-resting near the
giant burlap mushroom I sewed up for the party. 

Hi Wonderful You – We had a fantastically great time the other day at an APRIL EIGHT birthday party. Oh we had so much fun with all these cute kids!

Margot Madison and I put our heads together and brainstormed everything we thought would make a great fairy birthday party. Yes, fairy birthday parties have been done before, but as APRIL EIGHT I’ve been developing an aesthetic that I love to look at and think about that harkens to fairies, nature and childhood. Margot and I have a great time together pushing each other’s creativity in our Creative Juice Monday morning coffee group (more on that later) and between us this birthday party concept turned into a beautiful reality.

Gina Weathersby of Kiwi Street Studios captured the fun so beautifully. 

Margot, who is an amazing designer (she has made invitations for Collin Cowley) and blogger, has created some gorgeous printables and crafting ideas to go along with all the singing and fun that I bring along to these special APRIL EIGHT parties. Nice to have the whole event covered, isn’t it? I’ll let you know the minute they are ready!

Gina Weathersby of Kiwi Street Studios came by and took some GORGEOUS photos of our sweet event. Here is Gina’s blog about it. And here is Margot’s. Such goodness. More from me on this soon. To book an APRIL EIGHT birthday party, contact me via email at april @ aprileight (dot) com.

Love love love! xoxoxoxo APRIL

The Birthday Queen in her crown sewn by Jenifer Sult

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