What a Good Girl!

I’m recording mandolin parts at home today for my song “The Night of the Fairy Iceskating Ball” for my Winter EP out next month. Sometimes recording at home can be extra challenging because I have this little 11-pounds-of-barking friend named Roxie who likes to spend as much time with me as possible. That can be really sweet when we both curl up for a quick nap or it is time to go for a nature walk or, say, one of us feels like getting her ears scritched (the editor says that scritched is not a word, but Roxie knows for sure that it IS – and one of her favorites).

Now when I’m recording, well, Roxie is not always the best friend to have in the house. There are so many exciting things just outside the window that captivate her imagination and send her on barking sprees. Anything really. A leaf blowing by, a neighbor returning home. Don’t even get her started on The Mailman – she knows some day she will capture him and only then the neighborhood will be safe!

But today, she is being extremely quiet. Was it the walk I took her on? Perhaps the brilliant rays of sunlight streaming through the windows that are so cozy to curl up in?

I don’t know, but sssSSSSHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, don’t get her excited. Maybe I can wrap this song up and get on to the Goblin Dance. Hee heee – so much fun!


2 thoughts on “What a Good Girl!

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