Kitchy-Kitchen a la Margot Madison

Friendship is for sharing. Today I am sharing with you a funny/sweet birthday party styled by and blogged about by my friend Margot Madison. Margot is fancy – she makes invitations for a living – and for very fancy parties indeed. Parties where the invitations had to be sent off to all parts of the world, places like private islands – stuff like that. Now that is fun, right?

Here is her little niece Meredith’s “MAKE YOUR OWN” party with a Kitchy-Kitchen theme. Gotta love it. For the whole story, click here. And check out Margot’s lovely blog as well. She is very generous with her great ideas. You’ll come away rejoicing.

Check out more on this Kitchy-Kitchen Party here.

Look for Margot next month when she helps me with as SECRET APRIL EIGHT event. I’m so excited about it!!!! Shhhhh….. hee hee!

xoxoxo APRIL

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