Street Performers

I have noticed an upswing in Street Performance in my city. The energy and exuberance that a great street performance creates give the whole city a surge.

A great street performer has to wear so many hats that honestly, I can’t believe there could be very many people who could wear them all. They must be so talented that he/she can stop the average citizen in their tracks; extroverted enough to keep their audience’s attention in an uncontrollable environment; loud ’cause let’s face it, trucks DO drive by; and focused enough to keep their show going, interact with their audience and still do something worth stopping to watch. And, not the least of it, bold enough to ask for money.

A wise-cracking Fire Juggler at Newport on the Levee, Newport, KY

Silver Robot Dancer – brilliant and surreal – at Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH 
We always have to remember to open our wallets and pay these performers. Do you know how much energy goes into those acts? Sometimes it seems like watchers take for granted the living, breathing, sweating, creative and hardworking entertainer in front of them. We’ve been programmed by television to just watch. But I like having them here making our city a more fun place to live. If they don’t get paid, none of us can play. And I say, more more more! I love them!


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