Kids Dig Andy Goldsworthy

You know what I’ve noticed? My kids are fascinated by Andy Goldsworthy’s art work. I think all your little pixies and fairies might agree. Goldsworthy creates his art about Nature, through Nature, using Nature, inspiring anyone who plays in the backyard or the woods to look at the possibilities of the raw materials in his/her surroundings.

Both of my children (and my husband and I) have spent hours with his book Wood.

I wonder if Andy has ever seen any fairies while he is working?

One thought on “Kids Dig Andy Goldsworthy

  1. We love Andy Goldsworthy too. When we went to NYC for our 5th wedding anniversary he had an installation on the roof of the met. We brought home a book, Passage I believe, and all enjoy it from time to time. Will have to check out Wood.


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