Tower Park

I confess, I am a Tree Hugger. A walk in the woods does me so much good. This morning I took an early morning hike with a dear friend on trails that she knows by heart. You can see the evidence below:
My hiking friend finds heart-shaped rocks everywhere she goes. She has a little collection of her finds tucked away in this trees roots.
I grew up in part in rural Indiana. Woods and fields, ponds and streams. Moss, dragonflies, hay, geodes, fossils. It was isolated, but I discovered a lot about myself out in nature. Nature. I was lucky that way. 

We made a new friend on our hike. He was so adorable. My first pets were turtles that I caught in the lake near our house when I was 8 years old. They were goofy so I felt it was important to give them the grandest names I could think of: Isabelle, Duke and Beauregard.

I hope you can spend some time hugging a tree soon. Nothing better!


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