Enoughness for All!

Hey, Wonderful You. I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been thinking about all of us, really. Aren’t we awesome? Don’t we do so much in a day? So many ideas and doodles and little jokes and things to say and tons of thoughts….  All day every day.

Sometimes we don’t think we are enough because we haven’t done blah blah blah. But that just means that we have forgotten how completely great we really are. Totally great. Totally enough. That is what this little video is about. Because, we are all just where we are and everything is always changing and growing and becoming something else. And right now is part of that. And that is life – the whole deal really. So let’s think up some good things about ourselves right now. Say 10 things OUT LOUD right now that are awesome about YOU! Enjoy them all! You Rock!

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