Sharing Gifts – Singing the US National Anthem for Relay for Life

I’ll be singing The US National Anthem on Friday evening, May 13th, to kick off the Relay For Life in Colerain Township. I have many beloved people in my life who have struggled with cancer. Even though I’m a little NERVOUS about singing this beautiful, complicated song, how could I say no to a wonderful friend like Felicia Davidson, who has been through so much and come back so strong?

I can’t, and now I am excited. Singing is the best gift I’ve got to give!

Come be a part of Relay for Life on Friday and share your gifts too. If not this one, consider training with them for another event. My amazing mother-and-father-in-law, David and Betsy Mann, ran their first marathon in Dublin, Ireland with Relay for Life to celebrate David’s 60th birthday. How cool is that?

Or instead of running, you can show up and sing your heart out. That works too, I hope. πŸ˜‰

For more info or to sign up:

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