Suspension of Disbelief- Cinderella Songwriting

Taking their bows – Alice in Wonderland

I’m currently wrapping up the songwriting for a children’s theatre version of Cinderella. I love children’s theatre – all the fun of creative imagination in action: learning lines, developing characters, suspension of disbelief, singing songs, dancing. Hilarity happens when you fill a room full of a smart batch of 4-14 year olds. It is thrilling to watch the kids in action.

I was honored when the wonderful people at Clifton Performance Theatre asked me to pen the songs for Cinderella. An interesting challenge – what new can be said about an ancient fairy tale? What new needs to be said?

The theme of Cinderella goes beyond finding true love. Cinderella is about believing in yourself, believe in your dreams. Fairytales usually are.

Immersed in writing songs reminding children to believe in their dreams, reminds me to believe in my own. To listen to my own truths, to accept my ability to create magic, to suspend any self-disbelief and allow my best self to sing her own heartfelt songs.

Perhaps life should mimic art  — the suspension of disbelief that we so readily allow in works of fiction like movies, plays and books  — maybe we could allow a bit more of that into our non-fictional lives. We humans loves fairytales for a reason….

A 4-year old working his magic in Mary Poppins.

CPT’s adaption of Cinderella is written by the witty talents of Carol Brammer. There will be 3 workshops for Cinderella, the first beginning Feb. 23rd. To sign up your child, click here. Bring your favorite peanuts to see Cinderella Sunday March 27th and Sunday April 17th at 2PM. Cinderella will become part of the theatre’s repertoire and run throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall 2011 giving the kids a chance to rock their characters just a little harder and laugh a little bit longer. For info on summer camps etc. check out the Clifton Performance Theatre’s website.

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