Cute Girl’s Skirt

Do you sew?  I do. For years nothing I ever made turned out. Well, to be honest, I was a sloppy sewer. (Hey, that looks like sewer – as in gross stuff going down the drain! I think the proper term is seamstress…. now I know why. ) Finally I learned my lesson. I’m careful when I cut out the pattern, I’m careful when I sew each seam. Believe it or not, now I follow all the directions. Since I made a more committed effort in my sewing, it has become a worthwhile pursuit. In this age of mass manufacturing in China, sewing your own clothes is extremely satisfying. 

Look at this beautiful tutorial I found today, a How-To on sewing a simple skirt. It has a lovely photo and instructions for each step of the way. Really, if you have a sewing machine and a ruler, you are all set.

I actually learned to sew in 4-H of all things, rural Indiana kid that I was. I bet you Urbanites don’t even know what 4-H is. I have no idea what the H’s stand for, come to think of it. Hay, Hillbillies, “Have any chewing tobacco?” and Hoosier? Hey, I can say that, I am one… anyway…. Actually I just looked it up and it is an extraordinary and admirable organization. Of course it is, it gave me a life-long skill! Anyway, the 4-Hs are Head, Heart, Hands and Health” – see, admirable. 

 I’m ready to make something special for my dear little creatures.  I’d say this beautiful skirt will do the trick.  I’m inspired! Of course, if I start sewing for them they’ll want to take over my sewing machine. I wonder if there is a 4-H chapter locally? 

xoxoxo APRIL

3 thoughts on “Cute Girl’s Skirt

  1. I was just thinking about my poor neglected Singer the other day. (that would be my Singer sewing machine, not Joel, though I am sure he might feel neglected at times also). Perhaps I need to make this for my dear little creature. . .if I can find such awesome fabric!


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