Sometimes the world just gets you down. When it happens to me I wallow for a bit and then I turn into my mom: RESEARCH! FIND ANSWERS! DEVELOP NEW TECHNIQUES!

This time I was in a great mood and wanted to get in to a greater one so I put a few books I’d researched online on hold at the public library (also just like my mom!). Oddly enough, when I got the notification that they were available for me to pick up, I was in a pretty bad mood. Not for long…. Fortunately for me, I had put”Happier” by Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD on my list.

It is an easy but fascinating read. I’ve just dug in, but already I understand myself and what is actually getting me down (and what can bring me up) much more clearly.

This isn’t a feel good book about puppies and angels or really even a self-help book in the general sense of the genre.  It is real research and a brilliant man writing it all down in a relatable way that anyone would be interested in reading. I’d like to give this book to everyone I know.

So, if you want to insure that you can keep yourself happy and teach your children how to be happy (and who doesn’t want that?) I highly recommend this great book – Get Happier!

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