Natalie Chanin is the very cool and interesting designer behind Alabama Chanin, a design business dedicated to “slow design”. The focus of her materials is on organic fibers and recycling. All the clothing and home objects are handmade in Alabama by Natalie and the artisans in her rural Southern region who are skilled in those beautiful arts of by-gone days – passed down for generations: sewing, hand-stiching, embroidery, beading, etc. 

Perhaps you saw the beautiful handmade tree skirt for the President’s official Christmas tree. That was made by Alabama Chanin.

She is a hero of mine for a so many reasons, but here is the one that speaks straight to my heart: She stays true to her personal vision (“It has always been hard for me to do it any other way.”) I have her wonderful book “The Alabama Stitch Book” and if I could, I would crawl right inside of it. Everything I’ve made from it has turned out wonderfully. Besides corset and skirt patterns and how-tos on her stitching projects, it also has a wonderful recipe for Southern biscuits. My family seems to be all about biscuits these days. But that is for another day. 

She has a new book out too, that I can’t wait to get my hands on. 

She does all this with a three year old. Wow!

I love this interview on how she runs her business at ReadyMade and also her wonderful website, And her blog and her…. I could go on and on. 

Let me know what you think….

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