Clifton Performance Theatre

I’ve been signing my kids up for acting and singing workshops at the Clifton Performance Theatre. They LOVE it. The wonderful women who run it, Carol Brammer (acting) and Tajci Cameron (vocals) are miracle workers. All the kids have a blast becoming pirates and fairies for Peter Pan, jungle creatures for the Jungle Book and donning the ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz. My simple iPhone camera does the lighting and costuming no justice.

Every kid gets a role that is appropriate, there are no audition. And the best part is that after the workshop the show goes into the repertory performances every Sunday at 2 pm. That means that your kids get a chance to do their shows over and over again, gaining confidence and experience and becoming close friends with their fellow cast members.

I think the next round is Mary Poppins. And while the kids are at rehearsal the parents actually have a chance to talk to each other and perhaps go out for Indian food. I’m just saying….

And of course, for those of you whose kids aren’t quite ready to be in the show, there are wonderful all-kids cast performances every Sunday at 2PM. For more information just click here

xo April

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