Why Would I Ever Let the World Get in My Way?

James Combs and April Combs by Katie Emery

It may not seem likely when you are a kid, but sometimes when you grow up your siblings are your favorite people to play with. I’m super lucky because my brother James and I love to play music together.

I was visiting him in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and I played him one of my new April Eight songs. Well, he loved it! It always feels great when your big brother approves, even when you are a grown up. When we started making little videos for our music project Honneycombs, he insisted that we make a video for my April Eight song too. And then he said, “I’ll DANCE!” That was a little unexpected!

We had sooo much fun making this video – I think you can tell. We couldn’t stop laughing….

xoxoxo big love from April

2 thoughts on “Why Would I Ever Let the World Get in My Way?

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  2. Great sound, delightful……….worth a world of joy and happiness…..My husband feels that it is one of the best songs (music presentations) awailabl.


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