Process – Writing Butterfly Adventurer

I have new music ideas almost every day, but they certainly don’t all turn into songs. The song in this example was actually started by Michael (my husband) and my daughter Lyla. She was working on a science experiment, trying to get a paperclip butterfly to balance on her hand. Michael was, as he so often is, helping the kids and noodling around on the guitar. He wrote the chorus and the first verse. Well, it was so lovely that, six months later, I cooped it, added some exoticism and mystery(“snow covered mountains and warm southern seas”) and arranged it to turn it into a full, actual song.

Here is where we are in the process now. I am about to go into the studio, so I recorded this little demo version for David Weber, my producer extraordinare. I literally just sat in front of the computer with my mandolin, opened up a project in Garageband and sang into the computer mic. This is a single performance, just to give David an idea of the song before I show up – giving him time to think about instrumentation, production, etc. 
So, here is a taste of where the song “Butterfly Adventurer” is now. It isn’t a perfect recording, but I like the where it is headed. You can hear the fish tank and my little dog running around the room too. Always a squirrel to spy on. But I thought I’d share so you can see what I’m up to. Click below to hear the song…
As always, you can contribute to the April Eight cd project at
Big love to all of you out there. You know how I love you.
xo April

P.S. photo by Katie Emery – magnolia tree blooming on the day we did our photo shoot by good luck.

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