Thank You Potato Prints

We all know that sending Thank You notes for presents and parties is the right thing to do. Appreciation makes everyone feel wonderful. But sometimes Thank Yous can feel like something you’ve got to check off your list more than a form of sharing gratitude.

My girls had thank you notes to write. They didn’t “feel like it”. What is a mom to do? There was only one way to go – turn it into an art project. We had paint and potatoes so I suggested making potato print Thank You cards. It worked!

There is honestly nothing much to it. Slice that potato in a nice straight line, cut out a simple shape with a sharp knife (parents need to do this part), then use a paint brush to apply gouache paint evenly across the shape. Then print. My girls were all about using their initials but any geometric shape works well.

I only had sweet potatoes which made for lovely orange stamps. I had some heavier parchment paper lying around so we used it to create custom stationary.

It was fun! And now to write the notes….

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