The thing is, it is hard to find things that the whole family likes to do together, both adults and children. We like to do puzzles.

I always forget about them and then, winter is here and the kids are bored and ta da, we remember. Let’s do a puzzle! We break out some 550 piece monstrosity, my dear husband puts on some great jazz, and off we go. Everyone content for hours. Collaborating on a section together or working solo – all toward one goal – the front of the box.

I admit, it is a relief when the family is happily constructing anything. And the whole purpose of a puzzles is the process of putting it together – it is about the time spent interacting, getting excited about finding the piece with the elephant’s foot you’ve been looking for for an hour, or putting in the last piece of the sky.

The satisfaction of a puzzle completion goes well beyond the mundane “finished!”

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